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Some People

I know there is a lot of bad news with cops happening right now. But what I also know is, last night I had a nice little chat with a cop with a dope mustache and a real slick jacket while the motorcade carrying Macy's floats drove past; we bonded over the stupidity and arrogance of people in general (some dummy jaywalked in front of the motorcade and we had a little "who does she think she is?" moment).

I know I have a certain amount of privilege that allowed for this experience to happen. But I truly believe that the only "privilege" I needed in that moment was "being of sane mind and body" privilege - and let's be real, if you don't have that, you should probably go somewhere.

So I guess, life is complex. We're all just different little pieces on the mosaic that is...PLANET EARTH (ever heard of it?). We must remember to open ourselves to the possibility of good before good things can come to us with full benefit.

But oh my god, still, whatever you do, do NOT make eye contact with people on the subway platform.

Unless they're hot.

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