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Alison is a comedian, actress and writer living in New York City. She doesn’t know where she’s from because she moved around too much growing up, but she was a kid in Memphis and went to Catholic high school in Las Vegas so she has some issues. She spent a lot of time in Colorado and claims that as home, as it is also where she started doing standup.

In 2015 she was featured in the New York Comedy Festival on Time Out NY’s Women In Comedy show at The Stand. Other festivals include: Brooklyn Comedy Festival, She-Devil, Laughing Devil, and THC Fest in Toronto. Alison was also a producer and performer in the inaugural Cinder Block Comedy Festival this year, which gained notoriety - and infamy - for its “77 cent on the dollar discount” submission fee for women, POC, LGBT and disabled performers.

TV credits include Music Choice’s Questionable Choices, ID Discovery’s Killer Instinct w/ Chris Hansen, and FYI’s Married at First Sight.



There’s a podcast for that! Some that Alison has appeared on: Guys We Fucked, Race Wars, Keith and the GirlHard Lonely & ViciousComedy Llama, Crass to Mouth, Sleepyhead, Manwhore, Whoremones...etc. Probably safe to assume they're all NSFW.

Alison performs comedy nightly in NYC, check her calendar for (hopefully) updated shows. She produces The Naked Show and Bae-O! at the Creek and the Cave.


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